Our Work

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Albion has been created in co-operation with The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation America for the purpose of bringing awareness to the fact that our precious planet earth has reached a undeniable critical situation and we as humans are responsible for that and its repair.


This ancient and timeless life-centred solutions- so simple in their fundamental nature- have been carefully and discretely preserved and kept alive by small groups of people all over the world for thousands of years. In recent centuries, many of these people have been all but destroyed and forgotten. Our work is to bring awareness to this traditional knowledge in order to do the vital conservation and preservation work in the United Kingdom and specifically at this time in North Wales.

Our Founder


Koginka Kamaru Xue is an original Andean Maestro from Colombia. And as a holistic educator and practitioner, he is acclaimed as one of the most accurate vibrational readers in the world. He has an eclectic combination of holistic modalities and knowledge of the science of Empathetic and Sympathetic Resonance. He laboured an intense process with world-wide known masters at an  early age to gain impeccable alignment with the Original Wisdom of the Earth embodying the pure laws of conscious living on this planet while continuing to refine his natural ability to read the subtle facts of nature and humanity's impact on it.


Dr Xue is a true leader in the mission to preserve the planet as we know it, in its beautiful and natural form. He represents the advancement of the vital traditional knowledge that will protect the natural environment from further catastrophe.

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Albion