We focus on promoting and facilitating a return to a natural none-destructive ways of living, and the restoration of life-affirming human behaviour supportive to our interaction with Nature, ourselves, and humanity as a whole.  We support, educate and develop practical activities for this purpose.  We support people and institutions that are dedicated to this global reawakening of consciousness all over the planet and we support the cultures that live by and maintain these intelligent ways against all odds and serious calamities of our modern society.  


We are whole-heartedly open to learn from all true leaders and peoples that have been able to survive this massive destruction.  We support all the institutions that are seriously committed to protect indigenous peoples and the beautiful land we all inhabit and we invest in recovering the roots and basic foundations of harmonious functioning.  We support all of those that are involved and working for the protection of the environment and ecology of our Planet Earth. 



The KOGINKA SEWALUNA FOUNDATION ALBION was created to fully endorse the philanthropic service and the impeccable conscientious behaviour that Koginka Kamaru Xue has exemplified. A ministration solely dedicated to preserving, protecting, and nurturing our planet & all that lives within it. We are committed to promulgating traditional knowledge that aids in educating all people throughout the world on the importance of returning to the simple non-destructive wise ways of living as was originally intended & that will re-establish the harmony in our environment and bring back the balance of the natural system that sustains us.


Our intention is to intend to support & assist in the development of this mission by creating functional places and centres needed where people can holistically be educated about all that relates to the ecological, environmental, safekeeping and caretaking of the natural environment in the United Kingdom.